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Does Home Insurance Cover Attached Structures?

You may know that homeowner’s insurance typically covers houses or other designated dwellings. Still, our team at Kimberly J Brennan Agency Patterson serving New York and Patterson, NY knows that it can be confusing to figure out what structures are covered by a home insurance policy. Some homeowners may have attached structures on their property such as a garage, deck, or even an unattached shed that could cause one to doubt whether those structures are protected by the policy. 

Without training in the insurance industry, the average homeowner may have misconceptions about what insurance policies can cover. To make things more complicated, every home insurance policy has different terms that may exclude some aspects of the property from coverage. The only way to know for certain whether an attached structure or part of a property remains protected by an insurance policy is to speak with an agent at our office or read the terms of your policy. We’re always happy to answer questions like this when our clients call us on the phone or stop by our office. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Attached Structures?

If your house has an attached structure like a garage, deck, or in-laws suite, part of your home coverage may be able to cover that structure. If that structure is damaged through a qualifying event or belongings that qualify for coverage are stolen from that area, you may be able to get assistance with the cost of recovering from that incident through your insurance policy. Before you bank on your insurance company covering that structure, you should ask a qualified insurance professional at our agency to confirm and explain what’s covered.

To protect your home, call our team at Kimberly J Brennan Agency Patterson, serving Patterson, NY and New York.

Commercial Insurance Tips for a Family Business

Whether you just opened a new family business in the greater Patterson, NY region or you have owned a family business for years, our team of qualified insurance professionals at Kimberly J Brennan Agency would be more than happy to serve your area and help navigate commercial insurance. From restaurants to stores, all kinds of family businesses could benefit from the appropriate commercial insurance plan.

Although every commercial insurance plan has different benefits, coverage, terms, and limits, it helps to have some general guidance on how to choose a commercial insurance plan that’s right for your family enterprise.

Know What Coverage You Need

If you want to get the right coverage for your family business, you have to have an idea of what type of policy would best fit your circumstances. While some family businesses may need workers’ compensation insurance if they have at least one employee including family members, others may benefit from having a commercial auto insurance policy that covers the family business vehicle. Even if you’re in the early planning stages of starting a commercial endeavor with your family, it’s never too early to look into different commercial insurance policies.

Follow the Laws

While a family business can be a fun bonding activity for your family, you need to take things like legal regulations in commerce seriously. From having the right amount of coverage to protecting your workers’ rights, you’ll need to ensure that you aren’t violating any regulations with your family business. If you aren’t sure what minimum coverage is required by law for businesses in our state, our team may be able to help you figure that out.

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To protect your family business, call us at Kimberly J Brennan Agency. We serve Patterson, NY and other cities in New York.


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