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Kimberly J Brennan Agency

83 Haviland Dr, Suite 3
Patterson, NY 12563

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About Kimberly J Brennan Agency

About Kimberly J Brennan Agency

Kimberly image Kimberly J Brennan Agency Principal

In most families, you always hear, ”Dad is out in the garage, and mom is doing her thing.” Well, that is definitely not the case in my family. My mother has been refurbishing Corvettes since I was a kid. Her love of cars grew on me. Now as a mom myself, I am the one outside working in the garage with my son on different projects and taking him to all the car shows. With the help of my Dad and my amazing car friends, these opportunities are available to me to share with Ryder.

The best part of my work as an insurance agent is that I incorporate my appreciation of cars and motorcycles and do my part to insure them properly. I recently decided to open my Insurance Agency that specializes in Classic and Future Classic cars and motorcycles. I am using my knowledge of insurance along with my love of cars to make sure others get to enjoy theirs for years to come. Every weekend I get to see all different types of cars and to hear the stories behind them. There is a whole wonderful car world out there that I am grateful to be a part of. That is how I get to Work and Play!

I look forward to meeting you at the shows!

Our Mission

The Kimberly J Brennan Agency is dedicated to providing their clients with the best insurance coverage at the best possible price. Our staff is constantly expanding their knowledge by staying up to date on industry changes and new products offered. This is so we can continuously help our client get the right coverage for their personal or business needs.

For further information about Kimberly J. Brennan Agency, call (914) 302-6330.

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